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Add one of the most collectible pieces of Sixx memorabilia to your collection…
The Signature “Schecter Sixx” or "J4 Sixx" that Nikki played for you on stage…
AUTOGRAPHED and presented to you by Nikki personally at the show!
Bring your camera! You’re going to want a photo!

For the 2023 Stadium Tour, you'll have two separate options:

OPTION 1 - The classic Nikki Sixx signature model Schecter, with a Theater of Pain throwback look of bold white and black stripes.

OPTION 2 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: A limited edition Schecter Signature Feelgood Edition "J4 Sixx" Bass in honor of 30 years since the release of Dr. Feelgood. Roughly 100 of these limited edition throwback color bass are being made and will be individually numbered and distressed.

*One to Two of each option will be available at every stop of the 2023 tour*
**Quantity will vary by location**